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Ethan Chapin | Inspiration for Hoop for the Valley
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the vibrant "Big E"

Ethan Chapin was a vibrant young man with a bright future. From the time he was in 4th grade, all the way through high school, Tyler was his coach, mentor, and in many respects, his big brother.

Ethan was happy, kind, generous, and wise beyond his years. He was that person who made everyone around him feel good. Over the years, Ethan learned from Tyler, but Tyler also learned from Ethan.

One of a set of triplets, Ethan and his siblings all went off to college in Idaho together where they flourished. Tragically, Ethan’s promising light was extinguished in November 2022, when he died unexpectedly.

In the wake of this devastating loss, Tyler founded Hoop for the Valley, with the support of the Chapin family. They understood what PNW Rain and Coach Tyler’s mentorship meant to Ethan.

For years, Tyler had been driven to find a way to leverage his greatest strengths to give back to his hometown. Following Ethan’s shocking death, his family suggested that donations honoring Ethan be directed to Tyler, catalyzing the foundation of Hoop for the Valley. This nonprofit organization honors Ethan’s all-too-brief life by sharing the joy of basketball with kids who otherwise wouldn’t have the opportunity he cherished.
Hoop for the Valley was created in honor of Ethan ChapinHoop for the Valley was created in honor of Ethan ChapinHoop for the Valley was created in honor of Ethan Chapin
In honor of Ethan Chapin | Hoop for the Valley | Skagit County, WA
"My relationship with Ethan was a microcosm of what I’m trying to create with Hoop for the Valley.”

– Coach Tyler